en passant du temps chez les Chouquirs la semaine dernière…

Americans visiting Marrakech you are welcome to visit Mustapha family, meeting his wife and children, eating among them and feeling real Morocco.                                     -MC

This is Rim, Mustapha’s 12 year-old daughter.
Mustapha’s 19 year-old son Redouane is an aspiring photographer with excellent hair. He’s taking TOEFEL classes so he can go to University in the States.
Mustapha’s lovely wife Saïda made a special vegetable couscous tagine for me (the annoying American with special dietary needs).
Friday is couscous day in the Islamic world.
oh boy!
Mustapha’s youngest daughter Houda loves to cook.  After the couscous and several games of Uno, she asked her mother if she could bake me a cake.  So cute!